IMPORTANT: In accordance with the government and LTA advice on the coronavirus pandemic, our courts are open for members to use subject to a number of restrictions.

Current Restrictions

This page contains guidance from King’s Sutton Tennis Club (KSTC) and the LTA/Government regarding playing tennis while social distancing rules remain in place. It is each member's responsibility to adhere to these to ensure safety for all members.

Chairman's Update

Please watch this important update from KSTC Chairman, Jerry Wright, regarding playing tennis at the club while social distancing rules remain in place.

Government and LTA Guidance

The LTA, in discussion with government, have produced a set of practical guidelines to follow while enabling restricted play at tennis clubs in England. These LTA guidelines must be followed by all members if they wish to play tennis at KSTC while social distancing rules remain in place across the country.

Government / LTA Guidance

KSTC Guidance

The KSTC committee have put the following measures in place for this period to further aid social distancing and minimise surface contact:

  1. Use of the KSTC courts is strictly for members. If you are interested in becoming a member please view our Membership page.
  2. A member cannot book a court to play with a non-member(s) / guest(s).
  3. The courts will remain locked as usual when not in use and only members will have the court padlock code. Please lock the courts and the car park gate if you are the last person to leave.
  4. The clubhouse can now be used, but please do so in accordance with the guidance posted on the door.
  5. Our First Aid kit is kept in a container inside the club house.
  6. Hand sanitiser is attached to the net posts on each court. Please use it after touching any gates or locks and before and at the end of each session / match.
  7. The benches on the courts have been removed and the nets have been measured and immobilised (please do not try to wind them).
  8. Courts must be booked using KSTC’s online court booking system. There are specific, defined playing slots each day with staggered starting times to aid social distancing. Members cannot use the courts unless they have made a prior online booking.
  9. Only over 18's can make a court booking. Parents/guardians must make bookings on behalf of players aged under 18.
  10. Any players who feel unwell before or during a court booking with any COVID-19 related symptoms should not play, or continue playing, and should let their playing partner(s) know.